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Search Engine Optimization is a fascinating yet somewhat complex industry and subject. The internet is a world unto itself and a very competitive and aggressive marketplace at that. Marketing your business has evolved into a center where brick and mortar businesses with a certain amount of square footage and potential customer base can expand exponentially to include clients throughout the world.

The big puzzle however is, how does one compete with the millions of other businesses who wish for the same online success as you do. The answer is in your website. Just because you’ve entered the online world doesn’t mean your business will rank on Google SERPs as well. SEO is the way to go to optimize and basically improve the chances your website has to rank on Google and ultimately translate into business or conversions as we SEOs and online marketers refer to it.

On this website we wish to give beginner and more advanced SEOs tidbits of digestible online marketing information on the various parts of Search Engine Optimization. Hence, the name EZOptimization – we wish to make this journey easy and understandable for everyone.