Using Twitter to Find Key Search Queries

keyword planner

As I wrote in my last post that social media can be very misunderstood on what its marketing potential really is.

One thing you as an online marketer will keep hearing is, pay attention to what the consumers and visitors to your site are saying. By “saying” I mean what queries are they using? What is the subject of their conversation? What gets shared a lot? Who are the prime influencers in that segment?

When studying these queries and conversations on social media and specifically Twitter in our case you’ll start to see what people are interested in, what they’re looking for. Ultimately these are prime search queries to analyze and eventually incorporate onto your web-pages, your tags and blog posts.

Use Google’s Keyword Planner Tool for these key search terms and see what the related search volumes are on a monthly basis. You won’t get a definite answer but it will give you some indications and hints where the conversion may come from. By the way, conversion can mean dollars and cents or just simply more subscribers and followers to your blog.

That’s enough for one post for now. I’ll be back with more so stay tuned.

You can see these ideas and more on a great piece I read from Jeremy Gottlieb.


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