Of Job Interviews and Newbie SEO

Great Tips for the Newbie SEO/Online Marketer for Nailing a Job Interview

job interview

I haven’t posted in a while. I apologize. I’ve been thinking a lot about how freelance SEOs and Social Media Marketers get their name out there. How do they approach an interview? Being that it’s a really complex field how do they present their skills and qualifications? In this industry especially, there is so much to be wary of. Many “SEOs” claim they’ll get you on page 1 or even ranking #1 in Google SERPs within a short period of time. Truth is this can never be guaranteed even over a long period of time. Google’s algorithms are very complex and NO ONE has real knowledge of how it EXACTLY works.

Keyword research alone won’t do the job and the same goes for many other SEO practices and tips. It’s a combination of many criteria. I’d say that creating a clean and fresh user friendly website, which means it answers the questions people are asking on the web, it’s easy to navigate, along with getting quality links from other sites (which really should come on their own if you have good enough content) these will be towards the top of the list when working on SEO.

So how does an SEO approach an interview where a business owner wants answers? The business owner would like to know what you can provide him; after all he’s laying out some nice money for you. Recently, I was discussing this with a close colleague and friend and he mentioned that sometimes just calling on a business owner asking simple informational questions on what he believes small business’ needs are when it comes to online traffic can give you a lot of valuable information. This business owner you “interview” may actually become impressed with you. Here you are, two professionals discussing something which both of you have in common, just without the pressure of a real job interview. Truth is, every interview can be performed this way. I’m not saying it will work every time, but it can lessen the pressure on both the interviewer and interviewee. The one looking for some work can actually feel much more confident in such a setting and present himself, his credentials and give reasonable “promises” what he can provide in terms of services.

I recommend that every SEO become familiar with the conversion funnel of every website. An SEO should familiarize him/herself with the various online software tools to measure these numbers. This is where he can get reliable information to produce good content and really address the online world’s needs. Ultimately, that is what will drive quality traffic, help people look favorably at the brand especially through social media, and become the “fan club” that this business owner so desperately wants.

This is what an SEO can commit to a business owner in full confidence without promising a world that can’t be delivered. It’s this knowledge; understanding the consumers’ needs and problems, and having the confidence in what he/she can provide which will help an SEO nail one job after another.

Some tools to consider…

Google Analytics

KISS Metrics


Bruce Clay


BuzzSumo Great for Social Media Marketing



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