SEO is for Everyone

Why Understanding the Digital World is Important for Everyone

digital world

Most people associate SEO (Search Engine Optimization just to clarify) is just for specific marketers. Even less think of how social media can have a positive impact on them in their daily lives. I’m going to focus on networking and job seeking through SEO & social media.

A number of months ago I was on the lookout for a job. I reached out to a bunch of places and sent in my resume. There was one position that I really wanted badly. It looked very promising in many ways. I sent my resume but that wasn’t enough for me. I didn’t want to wait patiently and follow up in a week. I decided to reach out via Twitter. I let them know that I loved their company and that I just submitted my resume. I reached out on Facebook to two other key personnel that had met me months before at a convention. About two weeks later after I followed up with them once more via email, I received a call from the director of the department I wanted a job in. We had a pleasant conversation and we hung up. (p.s. I didn’t end up working there it wasn’t a match after all)

I wondered if my getting in touch with this company via social media was the reason they called me back. Maybe they saw my passion, my energetic approach, or my being part of the 21st century and that social media is a means of communication for me – even professionally. Maybe I was just dreaming things up and social media is truly a waste of time.

Today, I was perusing the news at Huffington Post and I saw an article about this precisely. Sarah Alvarez apparently liked Nutella and when she saw that there was a healthy alternative on the market she tweeted them thanking them and later on “happened” to mention that tweet when she just submitted her resume for a summer internship. Sarah was hired.

Will I unequivocally say that social media is king? Will I say that it’s taking over communication and THIS is the way to go? A resounding NO is what I say. However, this anecdote is possibly an indication of where our world of communication is going. It’s still human to human. It’s still the traditional interview and networking. Digital communication is a new tool though that can and should be used.

How does YOUR LinkedIn profile look – As good as your resume? Guess what, that is your online resume. Just today as I was having a networking meeting on the phone, they mentioned that they checked out my LinkedIn profile ahead of time. They also checked out my Facebook and Twitter as well. The saying goes “you are what you eat”. I say, “You are what you post”. You are what your LinkedIn profile looks like. Don’t expect networking to be as easy without doing due diligence and that includes online. Why you ask! Whether social media is all hype or not it’s a reality and not going away too fast. It matters to many many people – millions and billions.

Where does SEO tie into this. Well, keywords and a well optimized profile will go a long way for you. I’m not saying that for specific keywords your name will show up on page 1 of Google SERPs but words can make a KEY impact on your future.

So after you share this article with your friends on social media, go ahead and revise, edit, and optimize your social media presence so that when you’re networking, trying to attract new clients, close a deal, or looking for employment they see what you are.


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